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I downloaded the latest update to Ready on Ipad 3.
I can’t find the “Swipe” behaviour.
I searched Behaviours and Appearance and Sensing and couldn’t find it.
Can you post a quick video tutorial or tell me how to find it.



Yes of course! All the tutorials that explain the work for the new features, will appear in the near future.


Just wondering in the next update, if each class member will auto get a class number based on when they joined the class or were created?


When ball class, class member 1, overlaps with enemy,
Do ball class, class members greater than 5, face enemy
Do ball class, class members greater than 5, move forward 0.09

For example.


I’m not sure about this, can we use a counter for this?


Yes, i was just thinking of other users not experienced enough to figure that out.

I’m not going to make an RTS game, so that’s not really important to me.

I look forward to the next update you mentioned a little about.


Yes, sure! Working with classes is a priority update. But for the next version, we also need to fix a lot of existing errors. By this, I can not say for sure whether this update will appear in the next version.


That user that mentioned having 10 units for the player and 10 for the enemy,had a lot of trouble trying to code ai for all npc’s to detect and move towards each other+fight

If a gif sprite was made where the second frame had a long thin white line coming from the sprite, then the sprite could turn until it collides with an enemy, then set to first frame and move forwards.
Maybe i should make a small demo and share with that user.
This could avoid a lot of complex code.


If you have a way to simplify this code, it would be great, thanks @Suzzy-Grey :slightly_smiling_face: