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Testing Out A Third Party App I Made! A Ready Forums App (3rd Party)

This Is Where All Of The 3rd Party Apps I Make Will Go


New Features For The 3rd Party Ready Forums App!

Search (Topics)
In The Top Left Corner You’ll See A Search Bar,A Blue Man Button And A Magnifying Glass Button.

If I Search Dravin’s Unity Projects And Then Tap On The Magnifying Glass. It’ll Lead Me Directly To The Post I Mentioned.

If I Search @ready And Tap On The Blue Man It Leads Me To Ready’s Activity.

Searching For Ready In Users…

Look It Worked! Theres Also Short Cuts To Stuff

:hocho: - Of Course It Leads You To The Knife Strike Post
:bell: - Sends You To The Product Updates Section
:iphone: - Sends You To The Look What I Made! Section
:house_with_garden: - Sends You To The Front Page
:question: - Sends You To The UnCategorized Section

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